About Ann Currier, LMHC

Ann received her degree in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in 2008. Since then, she has worked mostly in the non-profit sector as a counselor for the LGBTQ+ community, including the recovery efforts in the Orlando area after the Pulse massacre in 2016.

Ann is well-known in the LGBTQ+ community of Orlando for her work with transgender clients. For more than a decade, she has specialized in transgender care, assisting people with letters of support for starting hormones and obtaining surgeries, making referrals, and helping with general aspects of transition, sometimes for the entire family. While this is the majority of what she does, she also works with all aspects of LGBTQ+ care, as well as depression, anxiety, mood disorders and clients who have toxic work environments and/or toxic relationships. Ann also specializes in working with clients with dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia. 

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