About Sarah Helman, LMHC, NCC

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2008, where she also earned a Certificate in Behavioral Forensics. She completed an internship at UCF’s Victim Services, as well as a research assistantship at UCF’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology Lab, while volunteering at the LGBT+ Center of Orlando. She then went on to earn her Master of Arts degree in Counselor Education at UCF, as well as her Certificate in Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy. As part of her graduate work, Sarah completed a year-long internship at a local residential program for HIV+, homeless men with substance abuse issues, which is where she discovered her passion for working in HIV advocacy and education. She created an HIV education program for the facility that is still used to this day. 

Upon completing her graduate degree, Sarah continued working in a non-profit counseling setting focused specifically on LGBTQ+ issues. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community herself, Sarah understands and identifies with many of the issues that those in the community face, and has helped countless couples, individuals and families navigate the unique and often more complex struggles the LGBTQ+ population encounters, including transition, HRT, employment issues, coming out, etc. She has also led groups for a local non-profit HIV advocacy group focusing on education, support and mental health for those newly diagnosed with HIV.

Sarah has completed Levels One, Two and Three of renowned couples’ therapist and researcher Dr. John Gottman’s Couples Therapy Training Program, where she learned how to help couples build stronger relationships through healthy communication, conflict management, and friendship. Sarah also has extensive experience working with polyamorus couples, couples with a BDSM dynamic, same-sex couples, and couples where one member is in transition. These couples appreciate Sarah’s lack of judgement and open-mindedness, as well as her eagerness to learn about their specific relationship dynamic, as no two are exactly alike.
Sarah co-presented at the 2016 Contemporary Relationships Conference in Austin, TX on using aspects of the Gottman method with same-sex couples. In addition, she co-presented at the 26th Annual Southern Comfort Transgender Conference on Transgender Teenagers, and also presented on using aspects of the Gottman method in relationships where one partner is in transition. She has been a guest speaker at the UCF Counselor Education program, as well as at local Gay-Straight Alliances at area high schools. Sarah was involved in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre as both a volunteer and a counselor to those affected by the mass shooting.

Sarah is a Nationally Certified Counselor in additional to being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida.

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